Massagri's fertilizers and products

Massagri, a family business, imports, exports and distributes organic and foliar fertilizers and biostimulants. In order to be able to respond to the expectations of the agricultural community, we are continually up-to-date with our product range.

The agrofood industry develops day by day, the demand is growing, the consumer seeks quality products and products with a homogeneous shapes…

Our goal is to meet those different needs with Eco-friendly solutions (Ecological and Economical) for the nature, the producer, the distributor and of course the consumer. Thanks to our different collaborations, we are able to better meet the expectations whilst putting up on the market high quality products.

With a wide range of products: rhizo-stimulator, amino-acids, organic and foliar fertilizers, silicon-based products (SILIFORCE®), we are able to respond to the plant’s requirements throughout the season, to reduce abiotic stress, to improve the management of fertilization and to increase the effectiveness of the phytosanitary products. All this leads to an increase of the quality and of the marketable yield.