Co-products recovery

Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.

Antoine Lavoisier

We can assume that the term "circular economy", which is very popular in the 21st century, is neither more nor less than an update of Antoine Lavoisier's quote.

In point of fact, any manufacturing process, starting from a raw material, results in the production of a finished product on the one hand, and in the production of one or more "co-products" on the other hand.

The co-products can therefore be considered as disturbing and worthless or, on the contrary, they can be used as raw material for a new production.

Our mission

Our missions is to make the best use of these co-products. All these products have their place in industry, agriculture, fertilization…

If you are looking for a raw mateial or, conversely, if you wish to find a second life for your by-products, we can help you.

Results driven

Our mission is to make to find the most appropriate solution. Our flexibility enables us to react and act in the shortest possible time.


Our vision is for the long term.

We don not consider one-shots. On the contrary, we focus on developing partnerships.

Learning based

We strive to develop our knowledge, techniques and services continuously.


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