Massagri Products has been specializing in amino acid-based products for over 15 years. The company has developed foliar fertilizer applications based on amino acids from the outset in partnership with a specialised manufacturer. Our products are rich in free levo amino acids. Moreover, due to the end manufacturing process, the product is considered as an "end point product" according to EU Regulation 142/2011. The product is therefore not subject to the usual traceability.

Our range also includes products rich in amino acids combined with Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus or Potassium.

In 2007, Massagri Products developed the "N ECO SYSTEM". Today it is included in the  iDEAL range.

The iDEAL range meets the technical, environmental and economic needs of the market.

More specifically, the iDEAL 18-0-0 (N ECO SYSTEM) makes it possible to complete the nitrogenous fertilization while respecting the environmental standards.

In order to meet the demands of the market in optimal fashion, we have recently launched iDEAL 5-0-0. This product is used to supplement nitrogen fertilization in Organic farming. The product is directly assimilated by the plant.

In order to complete the demands, we have also been offering a whole series of liquid and solid bulk fertilizers for some time.  



iDEAL 18-0-0

iDEAL 12-0-0 + 65 SO3

iDEAL 0-0-25 + SO3

iDEAL 10-34-0

iDEAL 5-0-0 BIO

Packaging:  IBC, 20l, 10l, 5l

AMX range

AMX range






Packaging:  IBC, 20l, 10l, 5l

Engrais granulés, liquide en poudre

Engrais granulé, liquide, en poudre

DAP, MAP, N 27

Solution Azotée

Liquid AMS

Solid AMS (granulé - cristaux)

Carbonate (CaCO3)

Gypsum - calciumsulfate

Packaging: Bull, Bigbags, IBC

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